Control panel 64 zones with remote management

– Configurable zones: 6 ones on the main PCB and up to 64 with expansions
– Balanced inputs, switch alarms, inertial detectors
– Zone mapping function
– Zone expansions on the main PCB: one optional XEXP8 (8 zones)
– Zone expansions on RS485 bus: up to 8
– Areas/sections: 8 with 4 arming modes each + macro functions
– RS 485 serial sirens: up to 8 HP sirens
– RS 485 serial detectors: 16 on control panel and up to 64 with expansions
– Outputs: 9 on the control panel and up to 72 with expansions (relay + O.C.)
– Keypads: up to 8 ICE, A300, A500 and A600
– Proximity readers: up to 16 readers for the RS series
– Codes and keys: 64 user codes, 64 emergency codes, 64 remote controls, 64 proximity keys
– Programming of system: via keypad or with XWIN software
– USB port for configuring the system and updating the firmware
– RS485 serial buses: one RS485 bus supervised with diagnostics using XWIN software and the keypad
– optional GSM dialler: XGSM and XGSM485/PRO, sending and receiving of SMS messages, digital protocols and voice messages to a max of 16 telephone numbers