AX3000 Dual Band enterprise-grade Wi-Fi 6 router, metal shell, 5 GE ports, support up to 4 WAN ports (3 of the WAN ports can be
switched to LAN port), 1.2Gbps maximum throughput, 150 recommended clients, up to 2976Mbps wireless access rate,
802.11ax Wave2, support Ruijie Cloud app and Ruijie Cloud platform management, support Reyee mesh and can roam with
Reyee AP network.

  • A professional and high performance Wi-Fi 6 business router.
  • Easy to set up the whole network with all-in-one machine.
  • Press button, Reyee Mesh networking done.
  • Integrated rich enterprise-grade features for business scenarios.
  • Securely monitoring the NVR/IPC/internal server anytime from anywhere.