Visonic TOWER-20AM PG2 – PowerG Wireless Outdoor PIR Motion, Antivandal Mirror Detector with Anti-masking


  • Superior outdoor detection with virtually no false alarms
  • Innovative Octa-Quad™ technology can distinguish between a moving person, swaying trees and bushes, and a small animal, minimizing false alarms while ensuring effective detection of real threats
  • PowerG, two-way, (FHSS-TDMA) technology – Provides robustness and reliability closer than ever to wired systems
  • Prolonged battery life (up to 3 years in typical use)
  • Vandal-resistant design – Enabled by patented V-Slot® technology
  • Unprecedented, complete anti-masking protection
  • Market-leading black mirror optics – Provide exceptionally high immunity to false alarms from sunlight and car headlights
  • Configured from the panel – No hardware switches and no need to re-open the detector once closed
  • Dimensions: 157 x 147 x 124mm (6.2 x 5.9 x 4.92in)